Our videos include whatever level of training you desire.

  • Basic: five minute lessons to get out of pain

  • Advanced: explanations of the lessons, techniques and principles

  • For Professionals: Hands On techniques for quick results with clients

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This work is POWERFUL and liberating!

Take back your life, gain control of your own health and free yourself from pain

  • SIMPLIFIED learning

    Learn the essence of each movement and principle in a simplified way that cuts right to the point.

  • INTRIGUING techniques

    Learn cutting-edge techniques that facilitate faster, quicker results.

  • ACCESSIBLE to all

    Learn from the comfort of your own home, in your own timing, at the level of training you desire.

Is this you?

  • Do you just want to do a 5 minute lesson and get out of pain or understand the logic behind the lesson? 

  • Perhaps you want to learn how to use the techniques on your clients and give them a take-away lesson to do at home. 

  • Maybe you are already an MBS or Feldenkrais Practitioner and want to further advance your understanding of the integration lessons, techniques and principles. 

SíA is your way! 

Course curriculum

Preview here before investing!

Short Movement Lesson

5 minute lessons to get out of pain

These short videos give a quick and easy option for those with little time to spend on self-care.

Skeleton Demonstration

Explanation of techniques

A Short Explanation on a Skeleton offers viewers an opportunity to dissect the movement and observe what parts are included in the anatomy of the body.

Demonstration of Movement Lesson

Hands on Techniques

An in depth study of how to touch your client with direction of various methods and options.

Who teaches?

Co-founder of MBS Academy, Leora Gaster, along with a team of highly skilled practitioners, created SíA to widen the scope of this work, and teach others how to expand their options and possibilities.

We’re shortening lessons, simplifying techniques and organizing around principles – Quality over Quantity – students and practitioners alike have been overjoyed with the results.    

The platform for conquering pain management and augmenting healing skill sets, through easy to follow videos!


Try it with our risk free guarantee!

We guarantee you will find a lesson to get you out of pain, advance your skills as a professional, and live a happier life with more options and possibilities.  If you don't find what you are seeking in this course within 30 days, we will give you a refund.

Pricing options

A typical MBS Foundation Training seminar costs $1500. This course is being offered to you for only $375. This price includes 5 lessons, all bonus material and printable handouts.


Questions? Perhaps this will answer them!

  • How long is the training?

    There are 5 Lessons in the Primo Module of SíA. Each Lesson has between 6-8 videos and is approximately 1 hour long.

  • Do you offer an In-Person training?

    Yes, we have an ongoing Foundation Training taking place in Bad Tolz, Germany. If you are interested in becoming an MBS Practitioner, the two year Foundation Training is the next step.

  • Will I receive a certificate for completing this SíA course?

    Yes, we offer certificates of completion!

  • Can you recommend an MBS Practitioner to me?

    Yes, we have a full Practitioner list on our website: http://www.mbsacademy.org/academy/practitioner-directory

  • Will I receive any printed material?

    Yes, each Lesson has handouts of Principles. These principles are excerpts from the 10 Irrefutable Mind Body Principles for Living.

  • Where can I purchase the 10 Irrefutable Mind Body Principles for Living?

    It is available in digital copy on the MBS Online Academy and in hard copy on Amazon.

  • Can I begin using these techniques immediately?

    Definitely! That is the purpose of the course - to give you tools you can immediately begin applying to free yourself and your clients from pain.

A thank you note!

Empowering me!

“SíA empowered me to understand the mind body connection and be more effective with my clients.” – Janet Lee, Physical Therapist

Effective Tools

“SíA shapes the way one thinks and gives you effective tools for self-care.” – Tom Rankin, Personal Trainer

Alternative Ways

“SíA offered me an alternative way to interact with my clients through touch; listening with my hands and offering feedback” – Susan Sykes, CMT, Pilates Instr.

Created for YOU!

SíA makes it easy!