For Pain Relief

These Mind-Body exercises unravel painful habits, guide you to discover new ways of using your entire system to establish long-lasting physical and mental health. Each exercise will give you multiple Ah-Ha moments, as you connect your system: brain, body and thoughts, to your best advantage, creating your own User’s Manual to the Self.
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Mental Health & Stress Relief

Mental and physical well-being are one interconnected system. These exercises combine precisely designed mindful movements with guided awareness. Discovering these connections unravels painful habits and enables you to transform anxiety, stress and pain into positive states.
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We have distilled and combined the most effective techniques, which are exponentially effective as they are practical to apply by laypeople as well as professionals and include caring for the entire family and caregiving system. This makes this extremely practical and sustainable.
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Performance Excellence

These lessons develop techniques of Mind Body connections, which build direct links between thought and movement, so you can access all your best combined experience and talents to apply your best abilities for consistent performance excellence.
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This series of historic and revealing lessons highlight the origins and purpose of this work. Building on the experiments, exchanges, games and discussions which were an ongoing part home life and Mia’s personal notes, this is the essence of all the foundations and philosophies of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work, including all ATM©/FI© lessons.
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