• What is Awareness Through Movement and what makes is different from other methods?

  • Why did Moshe Feldenkrais choose movement as the context to learn more about oneself?

  • How does Awareness Through Movement impact self-development?

  • What is the important of experiential learning in changing the brain?

Course Description

This course provides essential information for understanding and presenting Awareness Through Movement (ATM™) lessons.  In this course, you will receive the following lessons:

  • Flexible Minds
  • Reprogramming and Rewiring
  • Psychological Impact
  • Independent Exploration

Each lesson includes the following five activities:

  • A 10 minute lecture
  • A demonstration from a training illustrating the topic discussed
  • A handout of an MBS Principle® pertaining to the subject
  • An ATM™ sequence connect to the subject for you to experience
  • A topic for discussion and preparation of future ATM™ lessons.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1: Flexible Minds

  • 2

    Lesson 2: Reprogramming and Rewiring

    • 10 minute video
    • Demonstration/Explanation of Differences
    • Differences Core Principle© Document
    • Experiential ATM: Flexors
    • Discussion Question for Lesson 2
  • 3

    Lesson 3: Psychological Impact

    • 10 minute video
    • Demonstration on Psychological Impact
    • Less is More Core Principle© Document
    • Experiential ATM: Foot to Head
    • Discussion Question for Lesson 4
  • 4

    Lesson 4: Independent Exploration

    • 10 minute video
    • Demonstration on The Art of Asking Questions
    • A System of Questions Core Principle© Document
    • Experiential ATM: 6 & 12
    • Discussion Question for Lesson 4


Leora Gaster

Master Trainer

Leora Gaster

Leora Gaster, has been teaching Mind Body Studies internationally for over 40 years. With a life-long of comprehensive, diverse experiences and rigorous studies, including personal guidance of Dr. Feldenkrais and Mia Segal from infancy, studies in Human Biology at Stanford University, martial Arts in Japan, NLP from it’s founders and many more, she crystalized, simplified and distilled this skill set for you.