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This book is a blueprint of the structure, logic and ultimate purpose of all lessons of Moshé Feldenkrais. You will learn precision in structure and delivery and how sections can be extracted as complete, profound, learnings, messages and themes.

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Leora Gaster

Master Trainer

Leora Gaster

Leora Gaster, has been teaching Mind Body Studies internationally for over 40 years. With a life-long of comprehensive, diverse experiences and rigorous studies, including personal guidance of Dr. Feldenkrais and Mia Segal from infancy, studies in Human Biology at Stanford University, martial Arts in Japan, NLP from it’s founders and many more, she crystalized, simplified and distilled this skill set for you.


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Tom Rankin, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

makes teaching easier

Tom Rankin, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

A major difficulty for Feldenkrais practitioners is finding material that is appropriate for students. Many feel the Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais at Alexander Yanai collection is the gold standard. I, however, found these volumes confusing and vague. Many of the directions are impossible to follow (due to the translation and lack of editing). Even when I could make sense out of it, many hours were needed to organize it into a useable form. To me, it is more of a historical document than a resource. Other sources, such as San Francisco Awareness Through Movement Classes or Judith Stransky’s Esalen Workshop Notes, are less confusing but still need to be edited and refined for teaching. Mind Body Studies (MBS) has made this process much easier. During MBS trainings, students learn to teach movement (also known as Awareness Through Movement) classes in great detail. They are also given simple, concise and precise lesson plans. These guides include positioning, movement directions and in-betweens (questions to guide student’s awareness). There is also explanations on how the lesson relates to Feldenkrais principles. Everything needed for quality class instruction is in the book. For many years this information was only available to MBS students. Now “A Collection of MBS Movement Lessons” makes this valuable information available to everyone. Whether you are a new student or an advance Trainer, this work will enable you to do or teach in the manner Moshe Feldenkrais intended.

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The book A Collection of MBS Movement Lessons is a compilation of foundational Feldenkrais Method® lessons for the beginner through advanced practitioner. Leora Gaster has organized each lesson with 1) the key principles behind that lesson, 2) the scan, 3) the position, 4) the movements, and 5) the awareness questions called In-Betweens (IBT). The phrases used have been refined so as to be simple and precise. No wasted words. As the students hear the movement instructions and awareness questions, they learn how they can move in a more comfortable painfree way. The “aha moment” in the lesson is where the old way is shed and the new way is given a chance to blossom. Don’t be deceived by the size of this book. The principles and lessons are clear, and concise. One can pick up this book and read the lessons to your class as written. Your students will feel a difference. For a deeper understanding of the principles, the companion booklet 10 Irrefutable Mind Body Principles for Living is highly recommended.

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