What is the Archive Course 2?

The first ever Archive Course was very rewarding for us all and I had emails requesting more. This is the follow-up.

  • About

    In delving into the depth, subtlety and multiple aspects of the work, like zooming in and out simultaneously, looking at things upside down and from new perspectives, to identify how specific ‘classic’ ATMs’ you know are connected to, based on and developed from those intricate experiments on ourselves and in FI©. This will clarify how the entire body of work holds together. I want to help you develop multiple filters so you can make order in the massive amount of information and use it most efficiently and effectively. It will indicate how to design group classes and how most effectively you begin and end a full private lesson (FI).

  • Dates

    Due to the changing lockdown regulations, I propose scheduling only two sessions only: May 21 and 28

  • Prerequisites

    Prerequisites for joining these two sessions: The first 3 Archive lessons. For those who missed them, they are available online here:https://onlineacademy.mbsacademy.org/bundles/archive-course-bundle. One Shot Shoulder Restoration instructional demonstration video, which I will be using it to illustrate and clarify to you how to actually apply everything we discuss and explore. We will offer this as part of the package at a reduced rate. Full bundle with One Shot Shoulder Restoration: https://onlineacademy.mbsacademy.org/bundles/archive-course-2

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1

    • Head leads and reaches all
    • Session with USA & Asia
  • 2

    Demo: One Shot Shoulder Restoration

    • Description of Lesson
    • Individual Lesson with Mia Segal
  • 3

    Lesson 2

    • From the leg up
    • From the leg up USA & Asia